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We have unique production capacities, we produce pattern equipment of wood, metal and resin-based materials in our own pattern shop. We specialize in a single piece and small series production of cast iron and steel castings and artistic castings made of various materials.

Grey iron castings

Material: GG20, GG25, GG30
Weight: up to 30 tons
Max. dimensions: 11 000 x 4 000 x 2 500 mm

The production of grey iron castings is provided by two cold air cupola furnaces with a capacity of 12.5 tons / hour. The moulding of castings is carried out to the frames and caissons.

We cast on the classic wooden and polystyrene patterns.

Ductile iron castings

Material: GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70, GGG70L
Weight: up to 10 tons
Max. dimensions: 5 000 x 3 500 x 2 000 mm

The castings up to 120 kg are manufactured on the moulding line Georg Fischer with the mould dimensions 1000 x 800 x 300 x 300 mm on a wooden or resin pattern.

Carbon steel and alloy steel castings

Material: ČSN 422709, 1.0446, 1.7706, 1.7357, 1.2769S, etc.
Weight: up to 12 tons
Max. dimensions: 5 000 x 3 500 x 2 000 mm

We produce the castings on the wooden patterns and dispensable patterns, hand-made into the moulds and caissons.

We produce the steel and ductile iron castings on a pair electric arc furnaces and one half ton induction furnace.

Artistic castings

Material: grey and ductile cast iron, bronze, brass, aluminum

The traditional and modern moulding methods: printing into the oil, bentonite and furan mixtures and precise casting using the lost-wax casting method without dimensional and weight restrictions.

Pattern shop

Material: wood and large materials, casted resin

Production of patterns for hand and machine moulding.

Production, repair, modification of patterns of all types and sizes.

Technical equipment and software:
– 3x upper cutter FWM TOS Svitavy
– 4x woodturning lathe with a diameter of max. 600 to 4 000 mm


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