We provide chemical analysis of materials, mechanical testing and metallographic analyzes of the material structure for internal purposes and for the needs of external subjects.  The laboratory provides its services to the extent specified by the customers and in cooperation with the manufacturing operations; if necessary, we are able to analyze and evaluate the samples in three shifts (continuous) mode.

Spectrometric analysis of grey and ductile cast iron, carbon, low, medium and high alloy steels

(C, Mn, Si, P, S, Cr, Ni, Cu, Mo ,V, Al, Mg, Ti, Nb, Sn, Pb, Sb, As, B, Zr, Co)


  • Atomic emission spectrometers Leco GDS 750Aa GDS 500A, combustion analyzer Leco CS 230.

Metallographic analysis of the steel and iron


  • Microscope Neophot 21, microscope Leco LX31 + CCD camera

Calibration of thermocouples and temperature measurement equipment


  • digital multimeter M1T 290
  • thermoelectric temperature sensor Heraeus
  • calibration furnace Heraeus
  • thermocompensator Norma

Mechanical test of metallic materials

  • Tensile testing at standard temperatures – ČSN EN ISO 6892
  • Shear strength test – ČSN 420342
  • Bend test – ČSN EN ISO 7438
  • Charpy pendulum impact test at ambient and reduced temperatures – ČSN ISO 148-1
  • Brinell hardness test – ČSN EN ISO 6506-1
  • Vickers hardness test – ČSN EN ISO 6507-1
  • Rockwell hardness test – ČSN EN ISO 6508-1
  • Destructive tests on welds – transverse tensile test – ČSN EN ISO 4136
  • Destructive tests on welds – bend test – ČSN EN ISO 5173


  • Tensile testing machines Amsler 600 kN
  • Schopper 300kN
  • Rauenstein 25kN
  • pendulum impact testing machine – Charpy test
  • hardness tester Škoda Plzeň for Rockwell hardness measurements
  • hardness tester WPM for Brinell hardness measurements
  • hardness tester WPM for Vickers and Brinell hardness measurements