Bronze acknowledgment to the liberators of Olomouc

11. January 2018

Ernst Leopold Foundry from Blansko shall cast six bronze plates for the Red Army Liberation Memorial in Olomouc, the largest monument of its kind in the Czech Republic. The plates shall replace the metal tables that have replaced the original bronze plates for 20 years that someone has stolen.

The Red Army Memorial in Olomouc originated only 68 days after the end of the Second World War and was the first construction of socialist realism in our country and one of the first in the former Czechoslovakia which gave thanks to the liberators. This year, the monument, for the first time ever since its inception, undergoes a major repair to restore the monument to its original form. Four Soviet soldiers who were killed at the liberation of Olomouc were originally buried near the monument. Today there are only tombstones, the remains have been moved to the Neředín cemetery.

The Red Army Memorial in Olomouc is nowadays the largest construction of its kind in the Czech Republic. Repairs to the monument should be completed by the workers in September. It will be paid by the Russian Embassy.

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