Ernst Leopold foundry increases export

11. January 2018

The production without outages, long-term production of grey iron castings, framework cooperation with Skoda Auto and the entire Volkswagen Group and an increasing share of foreign trade across the entire production portfolio; these are the main characteristics of the current course of 2017 of the Ernst Leopold Foundry of Blansko.

‘We will use the last weeks of the year to reach the end of the contract which will mean meeting the plan set for this year,” said Zdeněk Tužička, Managing Director of the foundry. “At the same time, we are working intensively on contracts for 2018. The negotiations have given us so far a real chance that we could increase our export volume again and further strengthen our position in the production of punches for automotive and steel castings for a variety of industrial segments. There is already running a preparation of investments planned for 2018.”

The long-term goal of the Ernst Leopold Foundry is to improve the quality of customer relationships which primarily includes the delivery of ordered products at an agreed price, date and quality, as well as active communication and customer-oriented approach of the foundry’s leading employees. In the next year shall be this area the one which we want to improve continuously.

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