Investments in 2017: Ecology, Energy and Competitiveness

9. February 2017

Ernst Leopold foundry will invest one hundred million Czech crowns into the modernization of production technologies and improvements of working conditions and wellbeing of employees in 2017. This year will be improved among others blasting and annealing technology, regeneration of sand mixture technology and exhaustion of the steel plant. All these investments constitute also important environmental measures because there shall come to a drastically reduction of waste products generation, dust-forming, water consumption and energy-saving.

The managing director, Zdenek Tužička, expects that the effect of investments shall be quickly reflected in the overall production efficiency: “We have calculated that the technological modernization will bring energy savings of tens of percent in the individual manufacturing operations, increase of the production speed and simultaneously increase of the quality. At some workplaces we will reduce significantly the proportion of strenuous and hazardous work and improve the overall working conditions of our employees. In addition, all investments will be positively reflected in increasing of our competitiveness. On the global market we need to have the ability to respond quickly to the customer demands and the planned investments will give us this ability. In the same vein, we are already now planning the further investments for 2018 and the following years.

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