18. May 2018

This year, we have become the exclusive supplier of the pressing tools for an important German company, the leader of the automotive industry. The deliveries of castings are planned to be around 2,000 tons per year. This interesting contract was also obtained thanks to the references of a domestic company with transnational competence, with which we have established a long-term cooperation last year.

The automotive industry, from which our major customers come, is characterized by a high level of expertise in the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology and the associated high quality of all products including 100% delivery times. The castings are manufactured very precisely in Blansko and our ability to deliver on time has already been tested by the Czech market.

The cast iron masters from Blansko have a plan to be at the top of the European market in their field. The main objective for the upcoming period of export growth in Western European markets is to contribute to this interest.

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