since 2024

Ernst Leopold is a traditional manufacturer of cast iron and steel castings. We specialize in a single piece and small series production. We have a strong technological background and many years of experience.

Grey iron plant

We are a traditional Czech producer of grey cast iron. We reach an annual volume of up to 6600 tons.

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GG20, GG25, GG30


100–30000 kg

Frame dimensions max.

5500 × 3500
× 1000 mm

Steel and nodular iron plant

We can offer a wide selection of materials; our annual capacity is around 2800 tons.

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carbon steel, low-, high-alloy steel, stainless steel, ductile iron


100–9000 kg

Max. dimensions

4000 × 2500
Ø 3500 mm

Where to find our products

Machine industry

frames, stands, beds, cross-members, gearboxes, flywheels

Power industry

impellers, turbine housings, Kaplan and Francis turbines

Railway industry

wagons chassis, braking system of wagons

Automotive industry

pressing tools

Petrochemical industry

valves, bodies, flanges, sliders, covers, couplings

Marine industry

gearbox parts, propellers, rudder components, cable winches

Mining industry

gearbox parts, chassis components, excavators, and loaders components


ship crane parts, offshore platforms parts

We believe experience is the key. We have many years of experience in the foundry industry, understanding your needs since 1698.

Collaboration between Ernst Leopold and Brno University of Technology more info