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Ernst Leopold von Gellhorn founded the iron hammer mill in Blansko


The estate in Blansko, including the ironworks, is taken over by the Salm family


The ironworks becomes part of the Breitfeld – Danek company


Merger with the concern Českomoravská – Kolben, establishment of the company ČKD a.s.



In the ​​Moravian Karst, where our company Ernst Leopold is located, lasts the tradition of iron production and processing for more than 2,500 years.

The beginnings of the Blansko ironworks date back to the year 1698 when Ernst Leopold, the count of Gellhorn, ordered to set up the first iron hammer mill in the Punkva river. Its establishment was linked to with the work of Styria metallurgist Jan Ondřej Sinapi who was able to produce steel from the wrought iron.

At the beginning of the 19th century appeared another phenomenon – Artistic cast iron of Blansko popular in the Habsburg monarchy and all around the world for its gentle design, lightness, serenity, and beautiful shapes. In their time were the Blansko ironworks the largest manufacturer of artistic castings in Central Europe.

At present, the production program of the Ernst Leopold foundry focuses on the production and sale of the grey iron, ductile and steel castings. We specialize in custom, atypical, and small series production and we can adapt the production program rapidly to any requirement.